Reading and Word Solving Packs 1 and 2 Activities Word Solving and Reading Comprehension Pack 1 is always free in our eMembers area One of the book companions in pack #1 is for Seven Blind Mice by Ed Young. Pack 2 is included in our low cost premium membership area, or can be purchased below.

Reading and Word Solving Packs 1 and 2 Activities

 Here is a paper elephant with one of the activities showing the solution to which color of mouse visited the elephant which day, and what did each mouse think it found.  To make a paper elephant, see the Elmer Elephant post with directions (and a SMART Board file with directions, too).  I just cut this one out of some paper I had on hand.

paper-elephent-7-blind-mice activity photo

This is a photo showing the vocabulary activity page for the book U.S. Landforms book companion, included in pack #1. U.S. Landforms is by by Dana Meachen Rau.


Reading and Word Solving Pack 2 Activities

Reading Word Solving and Comprehension Strategies Pack #2 in included in our low priced premium eMember area on the literacy page.  Here is one of the activities in the book companion for Human Body:  Scholastic Science Readers, Level 1, ages 5 and 6. Different taste buds on different areas of the tongue are one of the topics included in this book.

Reading and Word Solving Packs 1 and 2 Activities

This is the Skippy Frog word solving activity in use.  Sentences from Miss Nelson is Missing are provided for practice.


Here is Stretchy Snake ready to slide slowly through the grass for blending sounds slowly, as in whispering.  This strategy is often more helpful than sound it out, which can chop up the sounds too much for word recognition.


One word solving strategy is to use Skippy Frog with only the initial sound, and return to finish reading the skipped word.  After becoming familiar with Skippy Frog, this step may be added. In pack #2, sentences adapted from Inside Mouse, Outside Mouse are included for student practice.


Where to get the Reading and Word Solving Packs 1 and 2 Activities

Reading Strategies Pack #1 is free, and is 162 pages.  See the demo for FREE Strategies Pack 1 by clicking here! The demo PDF opens right here.

Click on this link to view the demo for the packet, and this demo opens right here, also. Pack #2 is 148 pages of word solving and reading comprehension strategies in book companions for Scholastic books.

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