Ph Digraph Interactive Student Notebook Freebie
Ph Digraph Interactive Student Notebook Freebie

Do you use interactive notebook pages with your students? Are they learning about the digraph ph? In that case, this freebie will be good for your literacy class. It is black and white for printing purposes and includes instructions for students.


There are picture word clues, and words to cut and paste for matching on this interactive. Alternatively, teachers could have students write the words themselves from the word list. black-white-interactives_Page_03

For instance, on the next page, students are to cut on the solid lines and fold on the dotted lines.  They are to use a tiny amount of glue on the back of the bottom fold.  Then, they should place glue side down on notebook page. On the back of the flap, and/or under the flap on the notebook paper, write the sound, word, a sentence, or a tongue twister using the word. The teacher will provide the directions. This will help with differentiation as one group might write a word while another group writes a full sentence. ph-black-white-interactives_Page_07

The next page could be used for read the room or seat work. Students write the picture word and also indicate the alphabetical order with numbers. An answer page is provided.


On the next page, students cut on outside solid lines.  They do not cut middle column lines.  Then they fold on dotted lines, and cut the dotted lines on the two outside columns so they will open and close. Glue only top row and middle column down in notebook.


Ph Digraph Writing

There is a writing page, as well. Tongue twisters are always fun!


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Thank you for reading. There are similar printables in the free emember area of this site.