This post has a PermaLeaf® White Orchid review and free Pre-K flower PDF. We have been working with flowers and plants this spring. It is a refreshing to think about plants during the dormant looking landscape at the end of the snowy Minnesota winter. PermaLeaf® has the widest selection of outdoor artificial plants and trees. Their plants have exceptional quality while also being environment-friendly and long-lasting. The Phalaenopsis white orchid is a stunning plant.

This all began when PermaLeaf® wrote and and offered a silk plant. It was a easy to agree, especially because the company is local. I was sent a product free of charge from PermaLeaf® for an honest review. This post is my honest opinion of the product. A certain someone frequently on my blog wanted a birthday gift for her mother so she joined in the fun, as you can tell from the YouTube video. what-is-in-the-box-could-it-be-an-orchid

The person who received this plant was pleased with its beauty and realism. She is from a tropical location (Reunion Island) and is very familiar with orchids. It is difficult to maintain an orchid plant in cold Minnesota. She said the only way she could enjoy one year round was if it was artificial. She also wanted one that really represented an orchid. White is her favorite color. She was amazed at the detail of the plant. We were all impressed. The packaging kept the petals from being squished and had clever little poles inside to provide appropriate space for the plant. It was all well done.

Here is the orchid in its new home. It is gorgeous and orchids add this elegant touch to any space!


Of course we have been working with flowers already, so it was time for some activity pages and a color page. Click on this link for the free PDF to PDF

We began by laminating and preparing the materials on trays with crayons, dry erase markers, glue, or clothespins to complete the activity. Here one tray is being carried to the table for work. Picking out your own work is better than being told what to do first.


Then the work began. Writing was first, as “ee” was added to theme words.


Then petals were counted and clipped with glitter clothespins from the dollar store. Such fun!


Coloring by letter allowed the crocus and daffodil flowers to look so nice.

coloring by letter on the coloring page

The cut and paste patterning page was fun as glue sticks are irresistible! This page could also be colored.

what's next cut and paste work page

The number maze page was laminated so it could be redone using dry erase markers. Dry erase markers wipe off so laminated pages may be reused. math-maze-laminated

We hope you like flowers like we do!

Thank you for reading, Carolyn


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