New Year resolution writing for primary students is easy to cover in class with this freebie. New Year’s resolutions are so easy to make, and then break. When it is a new year and new opportunity to begin again, it is so easy to think we will achieve our goals this year.  We are in good company with wishful thinking, and applying ourselves to the common resolution is difficult to sustain.  This printable offers a concrete way for children to try to form positive habits. There is a chart page to record progress included. Anything we do for three weeks could become a habit, which is also encouraging to know. One page is a letter-sized teaching poster that explains resolutions.

New Year Resolution Writing for Primary Students

Another page provides possible resolution ideas for children to consider.

New Year Resolution Writing for Primary Students

New Year Resolution Writing

So, I thought about this and made a free New Year Resolution printable. There are some teaching poster pages explaining resolutions and also some student pages.  There are leaves for learners to color, and a page to write and chart their own “new leaves.”  Some students should have only one goal, as several be a mighty load.  I made the chart for three weeks which is long enough to help establish new thinking.


New Year Resolution Writing for Primary Students

Resolution leaves may be colored and cut out. A tree outline page is where the selected leaves should be pasted. The tree is just a reminder image for the child.


For fun, I added a letter to Santa for Christmas to think about, what if the goals were met?  Students would have much to say about their efforts during the year before asking for any gifts.  The page is just a “WHAT IF . . . ” page and is not intended for actual letter writing.


Although there are additional pages, the last page has a count and graph page. The answer key is on the credits page. Children count how many of each image such as being kind, taking a deep breath, picking up toys, making the bed, and so on.


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