Free Summer Number Names Match Printable

My free summer theme K-1 names for numbers math game, a 25 page PDF, free, opens here, 25 pages

This math game freebie is for 1-10 and is suitable for the K-1.  In the first grade Everyday Math program, math boxes are introduced in which children have to brainstorm names for numbers.  A “name” for a number is like 2 + 2 is a name for 4.  1 + 3 is also a name for 4, as it 10 – 6.

However in this game, the names for numbers are coin pictures, tallies, dice, dominoes, and base ten blocks.  In the summer, learning has to be fun and pleasant, so I hope this game will help.  These games would be good reviews for students just prior to entering grade two in the fall, also.

Happy learning, Carolyn