This post has a free sports verbs wring printable which could be used with Do! By Gita Wolf could be used in conjunction with these writing pages. 

Do, book cover, photoWe need to keep the children moving and this book could be read outside or inside on a rainy day.  The first time though, children would look and listen.  They will want to discuss the wonderful drawings.  Then, the book could be read again and children could pantomime the action words.

*See also this link to the Olympics page on this blog with summer and winter Olympic’s printables (all free).*

Do! is by Gita Wolf, an award-winning author who has written more than seventeen books for children and adults. The story is a set of basic verbs illustrated in the minimalist Warli style of tribal art. It introduces action words through delicately drawn pictograms. Children will want to touch the pages as it seems as though the pictures are raised from the page, although they are not.

There is much happening on each page.  The book allows children to make up their own stories about people, animals, plants, and birds. The illustrations are by Ramesh Hengadi, Rasika Hengadi, Shantaram Dhadpe, and Kusum Dhadpe, who are part of a tribal community in Maharashtra, western India.  This is a Tara handmade book and can be found in many stores online. Adults will enjoy looking at this book, also.

*Note:  If you cannot locate this book, try TO ROOT, TO TOOT, TO PARACHUTE:  What is a Verb?

Sports Verbs Writing Printable

Students are to print the verb three times before using it in a sentence on each writing frame page. Then, they may color in the pictures.

balance write the word three times and then write a sentence

The Olympics are coming up fast and I was thinking about the events in the summer Olympics and was lucky enough to find some clip art showing verbs.  The words in the book Do! are verbs such as sit, fish, work, read, play, and dance.  The Olympics are full of action words, too, of course.  So I hope this PDF will be helpful to some teachers who may still be in school, or families who like to give their children some work over the summer to prevent the summer slide.

Click on these words to download a copy, right here.

Sports Verbs Writing Printable Free PDF

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