Free Resources for Rainbow Crow

Free SMART Board Lesson with Printables and Centers

This post has free resources for Rainbow Crow, a book by Nancy Van Laan, and illustrated by Beatriz Vidal.

Rainbow Crow is a Lenape (Native American) tale about how the crow became black and lost his beautiful singing voice. Rainbow Crow helps his friends get fire by flying to the Sky Spirit when the snow never ends. On the return flight to earth, the fire burns both Rainbow Crow’s feathers and voice. In return, crow will never be hunted by man. It is a true story of friendship and helping others. The characters in this story are all animals who are covered with snow and afraid for their lives until they get the gift of fire from Sky Spirit. Because this story includes snow, late fall is a good time to read this story to children.

Here is a free RAINBOW CROW lesson with printable PDFs, centers, and a little art project. The lesson is a SMART Board presentation and has many PDFs.  Don’t have a SMART Board? Get the free SMART Board viewer at this link. 

I used this file early in the fall in first grade, as the centers are short for when you need 5 to 10 minute literacy activities.

photo, slides in presentationThis is a picture of the ow sound sorting slide.

Happy Reading, Carolyn