This post has a free printable for Jane and the Magician by Martin Baynton.

JaneJane and the Magician and the Magician is part of the “Jane” series, and are not your usual fairy tales! Jane and the Magician is the story of how Jane, a real Knight (yes, that is correct), saves the kingdom from being flooded while also locating the magician who can help by performing magic tricks for a party to cheer up the prince.  Oh, and she saves the life of her dragon by heroically using her knight’s shield to hold his head out of the water so he won’t drown after he is hit by lightning.  Quite the exciting story!

Printable for Jane and the Magician

This series helps balance all the stories where boys are the heroes.  Today I have a free a free PDF with a page student work, an answer key, and a coloring page.

Free printable for JANE AND THE MAGICIAN PDF

The work pages require no writing. The children only have to circle the answers. There are four answers to circle per page, and the answer keys are provided. Then of course, they may color the pages if time allows.


This is the other work page. You can see it is pretty easy to find the answers. The discussion could involve why the other answers are wrong. Some children will find humor in the silly answers such as spaceship.


There is also a coloring page so children can design rainwear for the dragon.



Thank you for reading, Carolyn