This post has a free Mountain of Mittens bulletin board printable, and a short review of the book A Mountain of Mittens by Lynn Plourde, illustrated by Mitch Vane.

A Mountain of Mittens is a child-centered and creative book similar to the very funny book by Robert Munsch, Thomas’ Snowsuit.  This story may help the teacher or parent more than the children by providing a humorous look at lost mittens.  The children in this story all go to school each day with mittens fastened in various ways, and never return home with the mittens.  Finally, there is an announcement at school that until all mittens in the lost and found mountain are reclaimed no one can go home.

By now even duct tape has been used as a mitten saving measure, so the children stick to the mountain of mittens.  Then the teachers and principal become stuck too, and everyone has to be rescued by rescue workers.  Parents arrive at school to a disaster scene of a mountain of mittens and people piled high!  The children go home with their parents . . . leaving their mittens, once again.

If you need a laugh about winter clothing struggles, this book will provide the humor you need.  The children will of course enjoy it.  The book does make a point, actually, but in such a silly way no one is offended.

Mountain of Mittens Bulletin Board Printable

Free PDF to make a display or bulletin board of a mountain of mittens, including letters for the caption and mittens to print and color.  mitten mountain display PDF, 18 free pages

free bulletin board printable display for after reading A Mountain of Mittens bookHappy reading, Carolyn


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