We Are Bears

by Molly Grooms

We-Are-Bears-by-Molly-Grooms, photoThis book is a reassuring mother-child relationship story.  I selected it as the mother bear reminded me of the appearance of the mother when under a spell in the new movie, Brave.  In the movie, the bear is very scary and I though this would be a good story to share with a child that maybe shouldn’t have seen the film!

In this story, the cubs are having their first day outside the den with their mother bear, and are exploring the world.  Each time they figure out a new small adventure in the big, wide world, mother uses a phrase to explain what was learned.  So each small story within the book ends with a sentence such as, “We are climbers.”  The bears learn to climb, search, swim, dig, teach, and sleep by the end of the book.

It might be fun for you or your child to name what you are learning and do, like:  “We are swimmers.”  Hey, “We are sleepers!” might help at bedtime!

Bear Colors Preschool Printable

So here is my free PDF for coloring.  These pages just cover a few basic colors (primary and secondary), but the idea is to make bears a little more friendly for children who may have been upset by the movie, which was not rated G!

Free Bear Colors Preschool Printable Free PDF

Thanks for reading, Carolyn