The All Church Christmas Celebration will be held soon, and will be enhanced thanks to $75 in crafts from Oriental Trading Company. This year’s event will be a fundraiser for MUMC Youth Mission trip 2018. There will be appetizers, music, a sing-along, silent auction, and crafts. Non-affiliate link, no other compensation was provided. Please see the free coloring pages printable at the end of this post for you!

Christmas Celebration Crafts for Kids from OTCOriental Tracing Company Christmas Crafts  are found this link

Religious Christmas Resources are found here

The Nativity ornament looks difficult but is actually rather easy. A five-year-old quietly figured it out with no instructions from us. The black portion is all one sticker which is punched out and sticks on all at once. I highly recommend this craft as being easy with few parts, while it turns out to be a lovely item.  We will be making almost 60 of these at our December second party at church. The star and jewel are peel and stick items. No glue is required.

Christmas tree ornament or decoration

When finished, the ornament looks like this.


The Joy ornament was also fairly easy. We set it up first, just placing the items in their proper spots before beginning to peel and stick. The little picture and fully explained directions were helpful. The supplies to make each craft item arrives in a separate bag with complete instructions inside. It is very nice as there is no counting and arranging required by the teacher or activity leader. No advance preparation is a nice feature of these materials. We will also be making 60 of these at our celebration.


joy-ornament assembled

The order also included a few more items. We were able to add one new Shepherd costume to the supplies on hand already for the annual Unrehearsed Christmas Pageant. The day of the event, the children simply pick out costumes on their way into the sanctuary to sit with families as they arrive at the church. Then, as their parts are mentioned in the reading by the Pastor, they come forward and join the scene. They return to their own “countries” (families) as the play ends. The storyteller is usually able to do a little improv as the children haven’t practiced together which is very fun. It only takes as long as the usual service, and the parents have pictures of their children performing in the pageant. Simply brilliant!


Finally, there were a few dollars left so we ordered some Bible story sticker scenes. These are easy to assemble and the children remembered having heard the stories before. I’m sure these will be put to good use!


Here you can see the stickers being placed on a simple scene made of construction paper.


Money stretches far using items found at Oriental Trading Company!


Did you know Oriental Trading Company has freebies as well? Here is an Advent coloring page to download. A freebie, so to speak! They do have other such items to download on their site. If you weren’t aware of that when on the site, keep your eyes open and enjoy the downloads. They do not need to be added to the cart, just click on the links to get your copies.

Now for my free printable for this post, free children’s Christmas coloring pages. To download your instant PDF, please click on the link below.



Thank you for reading, Carolyn