Sight words just have to be learned. There is no way around it for efficient reading and also for words that do not sound out phonetically. To have students work towards automaticity in reading, a mascot such as Auto the Otter can help, along with practice. Games and easy work pages can help. Highlighting these words with different colors, see who can point to the word the fastest, and working with play dough are good to help with the repetition necessary. Repetition is the key to learning. auto-otter-sight-words-work-pages

this, is, what, and in

These free printable pages help with the words this, is, what, and in. Students are directed to mark or draw shapes around words on the pages like in the next photo.


As well as write the words on the pages such as these.

sight words auto-otter-sight-words

And a mat for working with play dough is included, as well.

Any of these pages including the play dough one would work well in plastic sleeves. Students could write with dry marker, and erase for the next person to use.

More Sight Words Resources

Please find even more Auto the Otter words in the free reading strategies pack in our free emember area. There is a 176 page freebie in there with all the reading strategies for students to use and help their word solving and comprehension. It is free to join our newsletter on the home page, and be advised of the current password.

free reading strategies pack for word solving and comprehension

Thank you for reading, Carolyn