Western theme printables with writing promptsfree PDFs anyone? This post has three free western theme printables, and one is especially for The Graham Cracker Kid and the Calico Girl by Tommy Overstreet, Dale G. Vest, and illustrated by Jesse Anderson. It also has a book review of The Graham Cracker Kid and the Calico Girl.

Although the story of The Graham Cracker Kid and the Calico Girl is a book, I actually bought it on iTunes as an app for my iPad.  Page one of this story talks about the far away panhandle part of Texas where the wind and the dust devils play.  That caught my attention as I have lived in Lubbock, and know that is what is experienced there. This book brought back fond memories of the area.  The Graham Cracker Kid is Tommy Overstreet.  Well, at least the story says the Graham Cracker Kid has blue eyes, just like Tommy Overstreet.  The book is dedicated to Dale G. Vest.  The story is told in rhyme, and the illustrations show beautiful scenery. It reads rather like a country music ballad.

Note:  Be sure to scroll down for all 3 freebies.  To read another post about this book with an interview of the author Tommy Overstreet, visit this link!

The story is a much younger version of cowboys meeting on the road in town for a shoot out.  Only, in this version, the bad guy (Bart) is “bad” because he steals graham crackers and needs a bath!  Grime is one of his crimes.  He also has some friends who accompany him, known as the Bathtub Ring.  What a fun story!  The shoot out ends when the Graham Cracker Kid shoots Bart’s belt, and his pants fall down to reveal diapers! There could be no bigger insult.  I can hear the squeals of laughter from kids on that page.  At the end of the story, the cowboy has to take a bath, and I’m thinking this would be a pretty good book to read to any little cowboys out there who don’t like taking baths. The mom remarks that there was a boy under all that dirt.

Western Theme Printables

I was happy that Scrappin’ Doodles just happened to announce some new cowboy and cowgirl art just in time for this post, so I have three freebies for you today.  First, the text has quite a few prepositional phrases such as, ” . . . by the Peppermint Springs.”  The vocabulary is rich with well-selected words and phrases that will help add to your students’  language development. This free printable has the game in both black and white and in color, for printing options.  The book is not required to use this printable, however, it would be nice to have on hand.

Western Theme Printables with Writing Prompts Free PDFs

Use frequently occurring prepositions (e.g., during, beyond, toward).

Western Theme Writing Prompts

Next, there is a free creative writing printable so students may apprentice themselves to the style of the book, and try their hands at some western theme stories.  There are a few writing prompts, the option of primary or plain lined paper for each, and a rubric.  The book is not required to use this printable, however, it would be nice to have on hand.  The pocket chart cards in the third printable could be posted during writing time.

Three Free Western Theme Printables

The first two freebies could be used without this specific book.  The third freebie, however, is meant to supplement the story, so the book would be necessary. I made free illustrated pocket chart cards and some word work pages (easy as cowboys just have to circle a few words in different colors). There is a word find, too, for most of the words on the pocket chart cards.  This printable has been updated to now use the word bandanna. 

Free Printables for The Graham Cracker Kid

Thank you for reading, YEE HAW!  Carolyn