Stellaluna free printable is an instant download on this post and has reading comprehension pages as well as Halloween coloring pages to print.


by Janell Cannon

Stellaluna is a very beautifully illustrated story which is rather like The Ugly Duckling.  In this story, Stellaluna is a baby bat who becomes separated from her mother when an owl swoops down.  The baby bat falls into a nest of baby birds and becomes the problem child.  The mother bird accuses Stellaluna of teaching her children bad behavior when she returns home and finds her baby birds dangerously hanging off the nest.  Stellaluna promises to behave by eating bugs which she finds distasteful, and to not hang from her feet.  Of course, this is very difficult.  Thankfully, mother bat escapes from the owl and finds Stellaluna.  Then, the baby bat may eat fruit and sleep hanging from her feet.  My favorite line is when the mother bat tells Stellaluna, “You’ll never have to eat another bug as long as you live.”  After all, Stellaluna is a fruit bat!  She even learns she is able to fly in the dark which also wasn’t allowed in the bird family.  Now she can be herself!

This is a multi-genre partly animal fiction and partly non-fiction book.  At the end of the book, bat facts are provided.  The differences between bats and birds are described throughout this story.  My FREE PDF work page helps children compare and contrast themselves to bats and birds (page photos below):  Stellaluna work pages and answer keys, free PDF

Stellaluna free printable

Happy reading, Carolyn