In February the students are excited for Valentine’s Day and many heart activities are taking place in classrooms.  This is a fun time for students which also provides a good opportunity for discussing how unkind comments hurt others.  My Power Point downloads here:  BE NICE HEART LESSON FREE, here (free PPtx)

Basically, the children sit in a circle, and the teacher had one smooth paper heart shape.  The teacher tells each child to put a little fold in the heart as it is passed around.  This is effective in total silence, or if the children are too bewildered a little explanation can be given.  Each fold represents one unkind or mean thing the heart has heard.  By the end of the circle, the heart will be all wrinkled.

Explain each fold represented one unkind word or comment that was made to the heart.  Ask how the heart feels when it has heard so many unkind comments, and could be done do to help the heart.  Will it ever be totally smooth again?  How many children remember an unkind comment someone made to them?  Have the children suggest ways to make things  better such as saying we are sorry, or doing something kind when we need to do so.

FREE Heart Kindness Activity for February

Heart Kindness Activity

I made a “tree of kindness” in my classroom, and typed up notes when children did kind things for each other.  A few times I took photos and typed short stories.  Their kindnesses were “published” on the kindness tree.

Free Heart Kindness Activity for February

Happy reading, Carolyn