This post has a Free Ages of Animals PDF and 10 Little Turtles PPt.

Free Ages of Animals PDF and 10 Little Turtles PPt

Today, Tonya Dirksen at the Keys, Strings, and Melodies blog has a turtle song and adorable post today!   So, I made a PDF and PowerPoint to accompany her blog post and video.  The books I review today are NOT needed for completing the work pages, but of course, they would be nice to have on hand.

So, first I made an animated, counting PowerPoint:  free-10-little-turtles, Pre K and K, counting to 10 by ones and then by 2’s

Franklin’s Music Lessons, by Sharon Jennings, Sean Jeffrey (Illustrator)

Franklin's-Music-Lesson-Book-CoverWhen Franklin wants to be in a band, practicing would be no problem except he gave his family heirloom penny whistle from Scotland to Rabbit.  But wait, Rabbit traded it to Goose!  Now, will Goose still have it?  This music lesson is a lesson about taking care of your own things and not trading away valuable items with friends.  Why Grandpa played that penny whistle to get Franklin to quit crying when he was a baby.  See the video clip at the link above and I’m sure you will want to get the book from the library.  Franklin books always have a moral of the story or life lesson for children, but children enjoy them anyway.

Sea Turtles, written and illustrated by Gail Gibbons

Sea-Turtles-by-Gail-Gibbons, photo, book coverThis is a beautiful book, and if your children like the movie FINDING NEMO, they will know about sea turtles, dude!  Gail Gibbons writes wonderful nonfiction that has interesting but not too dense of text for children, and she illustrates each book with her own illustrations which are beautiful.  I look for Gail Gibbons books first when nonfiction is wanted!

OLD, OLDER, OLDEST:  Animals That Live Long Lives by Michael Dahl, illustrated by Brian Jensen.

Old-Older-Oldest-book-coverThis is a very short book comparing how long eight different animals live.  It seems simple, but the animals are compared on a timeline that continues throughout the book.  Parents and teachers could work in some math with the ages of the animals. Children are always interested in things that are high, long, or amazingly old.  I made coloring pages and a work page with an answer key to accompany the book.  I’m sure facts could be looked up online and the actual book would not be needed, but it would be helpful for the work page.

Ages of Animals PDF and 10 Little Turtles PPTX

Free Ages of Animals PDF and 10 Little Turtles PPtfree-how-long-do-animals-live-color-and-work-pages PDF

Thanks for reading, Carolyn