Everyday Superheroes: Women in STEM Careers

Everyday-Superheroes-Women-in-STEM-Careers-Book-reviewThis book begins with a foreword by a middle school Stem student, Grace. She suggests finding a STEM mentor (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) to help you keep trying and never give up.

She says, “There are no limits on who your role models can be.” Which is true, students should not be limited to one or two people to admire.”

We can be inspired by anyone making a difference.

This book was written by Erin Twamley and Joshua Sneideman

Question one in the book asks, “Who are everyday STEM Superheroes?” These are people working in STEM jobs and are helping to make the world a better place. You probably know several already, and can look at these people in a new light after reading this book.

Important vocabulary in this text has a boldface type to help students focus on the words. Six superpowers are listed and they are ones anyone can aspire to have:


Imagination and Curiosity

Problem Solving


Data Collection and Analysis


Each superpower is explained on a separate page written like an infographic for students to study and discuss. They may already be using some of the superpowers at school or home. In fact, the book provides space for students to write about the ones they may have or want. This book is a little like a journal as it offers writing space. Teachers might use the writing prompts in class as large or small group assignments, also.

The book has icons to help students organize their thinking around the topic and identify what is being learned. Where can everyday superheroes be found? Above the Earth, building green cities, chasing storms, driving on Mars, exploring Earth’s History, feeding a nation, greening our energy, helping us understand our bodies, innovative learning, jumping for data, and much more. Each everyday superhero job from A to Z is given a description page followed by an example of a woman working in that field. Look at the bottom of the pages to see which letter of the alphabet is identified with the occupation.

How does a student become an everyday STEM Superhero? Space is provided for journaling about this topic after a descriptive writing prompt. The steps to becoming such a person are listed on a page as a checklist. Students might be able to check off a number of items on the list immediately and take longer to try the other ideas.

A list of publications and recommended books are provided towards the end of the book, with some book reviews.

And you know what? This book has a glossary and a lengthy, descriptive table of contents. I like a book with a good glossary and helpful TOC as such books can be used in class for research projects. Books without such organizational features are very hard to use for research writing, in my opinion.

This book would make a great addition to any library or classroom library that values STEM education and women working in these areas.

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