This post has a review of water testing kits given to me in exchange for my honest opinion. We used a kit from the Water Testing Kits company. The first picture shows how I set up the materials for the children.   Water Testing Kits for Science and Free instant download PDF

The tests included test strips for checking four water samples for things like copper, chlorine, iron, hardness, and some chemicals. Of course, if any alarming results were found, further testing would be required. We used tap and filtered water from two cities and the biggest difference was the amount of copper in the two locations. Our city is famous for having a high iron content, but it did not test at a high level for this test. We do soften our water. A thorough test would require running water from a non-softened water faucet source. We were happy just to experiment and try out all the things the kit offered!

First, we discussed questions and statements such as: Where is water found? What can be in water? How to test water?

The testing kit was very thorough and had complete instructions, four individual sets of test strips, iron testing tablets, color-coded instruction cards, and a recording booklet. We did mark the vials A, B, C, and D. After the tests are conducted, results are compared with a chart in the back of the book to see if any are too high. The kits were easy to use. We had to figure out where to lay the test strip on the card after directions (like swirl three times and wait 45 seconds or whatever) and then how to follow the lines to the colors revealing the levels. Then, the amounts were added to the recording booklet.match test strips to color coded key

We used a turkey baster and also medicine measuring devices to fill the vials with the different samples of water.

filling vials of water samples

We used the iPad timer for the different tests requiring 10, 45, or 60 seconds wait time before the tests were finished. Really, these experiments were so interesting no one minded the wait times at all.

timing the different experiments and waiting for results to appear

Sometimes we thought the results were a little between two scores, so we marked over the line for two different values.

sometimes we thought the results were in between two scores

Water Testing Kits 4-Pack Box

This is what the test kit box looks like before opening. We hope you might get one in your hands soon by entering our giveaway, below. One interesting note is that for only a water hardness test, the local hardware store offers an in-store test station. That might be interesting for your children. When we had well water for the last 12 years, we took our water to a company and waiting for results by mail. It was a more extensive procedure and not very fun for children!

water-testing-kits-experiments (1)

Thank you for reading, Carolyn