Zoo word search and coloring pages freebie for parents and teachers is an instant download on this post (scroll down). We went to the zoo! I’m sure you have heard the song:

We’re going to the zoo tomorrow,

Zoo tomorrow,

Zoo tomorrow,

We’re going to the zoo tomorrow, 

and we’re going to stay all day!

A family could certainly spend a whole day at the Minnesota Zoo with the many different exhibits, areas, restaurants, and splash pad. In fact, it would probably take more than a day to take in what the zoo has to offer. We started at the Tropics Trail as Miss Owl has family in Reunion Island and wanted to see the jungle. Tropics-Trail-MN-Zoo

The displays were interesting and informative. The pictures of animals and the maps helped to identify different continents represented. Miss Owl pointed to the Red Panda as she remembered it from one of our blogging kids’ sessions. Of course, you have been amazed by what children remember, too. After the tropics, the Minnesota Trail was explored. Being dark, photos were difficult to take. Then it was the Discovery Bay. Miss Owl was worried the Monk Seal from Hawaii was lonely as he was all alone in a huge tank. There were things to touch, fish to pet, and the seahorses had dozens of tiny babies! It all seemed magical.

Zoo Word Search and Coloring Pages Freebie

Miss Owl posed with a photo of a sign showing where her origins are. Of course, those also include France and she has visited a few times already. 

Rocks make the best souvenirs. Most kid-friendly attraction shops have rocks and children can easily add to their collections. They can be arranged and sorted over and over.  She has grown so much since our last trip which was mostly to the farm area. This time we rode on their new in-park transportation, which is golf carts. Our driver told us each zoo with an animal carousel (naturally) has one unique animal. The Minnesota Zoo conservation carousel has one special such animal. Do you know what it is? 

Now for the free printable we would like to share with you.


zoo coloring pages word find

Scrappin’ Doodles art used with special permission on one of the coloring pages.

Of course, we provided an answer key for the word search!

word search answer key

We hope you can go to the zoo soon, too. Thank you for reading,



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Visiting Eastman Nature Center


The Plaza Playground experience was pure joy for Miss Owl and us as we watched her jump and play. It is close by and is open 365 days a year. She loved the Kangaroo jumping floor the best.

Miss-Owls-Cat and books about pet loss for children

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Eastman Nature Center in the Three Rivers Park District recently held a fairy theme story time and activity class.

Eastman Nature Center in the Three Rivers Park District recently held a fairy theme storytime and activity class.


The bubbling snowman is easy to set up. Begin with a cookie tray and arrange different size lids to create a flat snowman. We drew a face on one lid using a sharpie marker. Be sure the lids are upside down so they can be filled with baking soda.


Mixing colors in the kitchen with a few common ingredients provides an engaging activity for children. This is one they are sure to want to do over and over as it will be different each time.

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This post is about how to grow garlic to spice bread at home. Have you noticed garlic scapes on any menus? Garlic scapes are the leaves that grow from a garlic bulb.  Do you happen to have some garlic in the pantry?


Free PDF. There are 3 pages of directions: one for a microwave oven, one for using a solar oven, and one for the microwave approach. Children can read the directions and prepare the S’mores for the family. Sneak in some summer reading!


Gummy candy, anyone? We used a candy making kit found online and I purchased my own materials.  So the most interesting thing we learned was that seaweed in its dried and powdered forms can make gelatin for making gummies.

Penny Cleaning Science Experiment Using Kitchen Staples

Did you know things like ketchup, salt, vinegar, and lemon juice will clean and brighten pennies? If your pennies are all bright and shiny, you can keep them in water overnight to allow them to darken for this experiment. Warning, children might like to do this over and over!