Autograph booklet activities are part of the end of the school year activities, especially the last day when books have been counted and shelved, art supplies have been sent home, and students hopefully still have pencils. Maybe many children in a class will have purchased the school yearbook, but often not all children will have a copy for gathering signatures. This product is available on Teachers Pay Teachers (free) at this link.

This autograph book has a different slant as names can be collected in strength areas. It may be used in different ways as suggested below, but the idea is that the autographs are simply names but help recognize student talent areas. See the next images which are of some of the pages in the printable. This could be a whole class, small group, teacher-led, or student intiated activity. The teacher may select which pages to use, and may also make more copies of some of the pages so more children may be recognized. Not all pages would have to be included, and alternately several of one or more might be printed.

The idea is that everyone has some sort of talent which could be recognized. This video explains a little more.

For this page, students may sign in the spaces such as who was fun to play with? Who was fun to eat with at snack or lunch? Who was a good helper? Who was good with the iPad or computer?Autograph Booklet sample page

Who was good at gym? There is space for at least two children to sign their names. Who was good at math? at reading? at writing?

Autograph Booklet sample page

Who was good at music? art? maps? or neat writing?

Autograph Booklet sample page

Autograph-Booklet for Year End My Class Who's Who FreebieFree End of Year Who is Who in My Class and Autograph Booklet

This printable has pages for students to gather signatures for a Who’s Who of the class for the past year. It is an end of the year activity that could be approached in several ways:
1. The students simply ask others to sign
2. The class helps decide which names belong on which pages
3. The students ask specific students to sign in specific areas

Four pages mention specific strengths such as being a good helper, good listener, good at art, good at music, and so on. Two pages are just plain autograph pages with places to sign names.

You might also like my autograph booklet, writing, and coloring pages with a fireflies theme as described at this post. The PDF is a free instant download at the post. Releasing children at the end of the school year is somewhat like releasing fireflies!

fireflies end of year last day freebie for autographs and writing activities Thank you for reading, Carolyn

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