Words with -ight December Theme Printable Freebie

Lights inspired -ight words printable! Last night we went to America’s Largest Walk Through Lighting Display in Duluth, MN. Duluth, MN, has been known as the Christmas City of the North Parade.   At Bentleyville, Christmas music is played the entire evening.  There are free cookies at the cookie house, and free marshmallow to roast over the many fires.  The entire project is volunteer operated, and donations of food and money are given to charity.  It is wonderful to have an attraction like this in Minnesota.


This experience put me in the mood to make another December freebie, this time for -ight words. Here is the freebie with different cultures represented.  Please select the light and lights words that fit with your teaching situation and students. The -ight words include bright, eight, fright, light, lights, might, night, right, sight, and write (to compare with right).

Download this product here:


Words with -ight December Theme Printable FreebieThank you for reading, Carolyn

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