Word Solving and Reading Strategies Pack 2

Reading Strategies Pack 2 has nine word solving and three reading comprehension strategies posters, student pages, and pocket chart cards to help students apprentice themselves to the mentor texts.  This is a demo PDF that opens here for more information. This is one of dozens of PDFs included in our low cost premium eMember area.

Word Solving and Reading Strategies Pack 2

Word Solving and Reading Comprehension Strategies PACK 2 

This PDF has 148 pages of word solving and reading comprehension strategies for grades one and two. Nine word solving strategies and three reading comprehension strategies are covered with teaching posters, student work pages, activities, and pocket chart cards. Posters for all 20 strategies are included.

Table of Contents:

Page 5 Nine word-solving teaching posters, activities, and work Pages
Page 6– 9 Teaching posters and bookmarks for word-solving strategies
Page 10 Fix-up Bear teaching posters and work pages
Page 14 Elephant Ears teaching poster and work pages
Page 17 Helpful Kangaroo posters and printables
Page 25 Skippy Frog posters, activities, and work pages
Page 45 Lips the Fish teaching posters, work page, and activities
Page 55 Stretchy Snake teaching posters, work pages, and
Page 61 Tryin’ Lion teaching poster, point and discuss pages
Page 64 Flippy Dolphin teaching posters and work page
Page 68 Teaching poster: Habits of Good Readers
Work pages, answer keys, teaching posters,
pocket chart words, reading comprehension strategies
Page 92 HUMAN BODY (Scholastic Science Readers Level 1)
Teaching posters, work pages, activities, and interactive notebook page, reading comprehension strategy
Page 105 Word-Solving Strategies Teaching posters and pocket chart cards
Page 106 Auto the Otter
Page 108 Chunky Monkey
Page 110 Crabby Connector
Page 112 Eagle Eye
Page 114 Elephant Ears
Page 116 Fix-up Bear
Page 118 Flippy Dolphin
Page 122 Helpful Kangaroo
Page 123 Lips the Fish
Page 125 Skippy Frog
Page 128 Stretchy Snake
Page 130 Tryin’ Lion


Page 133 Digger the Dog
Page 135 Iggy the Inferring Iguana
Page 137 Jabber the Reteller
Page 139 Pacing Pelican
Page 141 Quackers the Duck
Page 143 Questioning Owl
Page 145 Rocky Raccoon
Page 147 Spinner the Spider

This photo shows the strategies and the books used to help teach them:

table of contents and book titles

This photo shows some of the bookmarks, posters, and student pages included:

printable bookmarks and word solving posters included in this pack

Photo of pages for using the Skippy Frog Word Solving strategy:

photo of some of the skippy frog pages

Photo of pages for MISS NELSON IS MISSING:

photo of pages for the children's book MISS NELSON IS MISSING

Photo of pages with Lips the Fish word solving strategy

Photo of pages using the Lips the Fish word solving strategy

Photo of pages for the Sugar Loves Valentine’s Day pages

Photo of pages for the Sugar Loves Valentine's Day pages

Photo of pages for HUMAN BODY, Level 1, Scholastic book

HUMAN BODY student pages and activity, Scholastic book

Photo of the posters and some pocket chart cards for 9 word solving strategies:

the word solving strategy posters

Photo of pages for comprehension strategies

pictures of the reading comprehension strategy posters

Thank you for reading,

Carolyn Wilhelm


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Western theme centers for long vowel cards to laminate or place in plastic sleeves to use with a dry marker. Word cards for the long vowel words, and fill in the blank writing pages. Children will lasso the numbers for a math center. And for the art center, there are western theme coloring pages. Free sample at the blog post. 


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Word Solving and Reading Strategies Pack 2

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