When I Grow Up Free Posters for Children for Photo OpsWhen I Grow Up Free Posters for photo ops in primary grades are very fun to have! What do the children think they are going to be when they can choose their careers? This post is a review of Faux Paw by Julia Dweck. and the freebies are two posters sets (scroll down for the printables). The title of the book is a play on words for the French term  faux pas, which is used when someone makes a social error. A faux pas is when something does something outside of social norms, something awkward.  In this story, a boy violates accepted norms when he wants to be a bear when he grows up.

About Faux Paw

Author: Julia Dweck,
Illustrator: Erika LeBarr
Year published: 2013,
Publisher: Xist Publishing
Recommended age: 2-7
Goodreads Summary Waldon Bear is a little boy who wants to be a bear.

“That’s impossible,” says his teacher, Mrs. Hunter. “Human children grow up to be human adults, not animals!”

But Waldon refuses to listen. Can Waldon make it as a bear in school?

Will Waldon convince the other children and Mrs. Hunter that he’s truly meant to be a bear?

Julia’s author page on Goodreads

Goodreads Page for this book: Faux Paw

When I Grow Up Free Posters for Children

The free book activity 55 page PDF has posters of 48 possible future careers for students. The idea is to take a photo of each student with a poster. Don’t most kindergartners want to be a fireman, policemen, or dinosaur hunters? It would be a fun memory for students who will later on almost certainly have changed their minds. Many college freshmen change their majors, after all. Photos of children holding these signs would make a fun hallway display, or item to share in the conference folder. The printed posters could also be displayed on a bulletin board. You might like additional book companions for books by Julia Dweck at this link.

Castleview Academy kindly posed with the posters when they tried them out with career costumes, too. Baker or astronaut?baker-or-astronaut-when-I-grow-upA construction worker or a postal worker?


This is the generic all ages what do I want to be when I grow up 55 page PDF version.

Maybe a child wants to be a biologist or marine biologist.


Maybe someone wants to work in construction.


Any artists in the class? Probably.


Maybe future robotics designers are in the group.


At this blog post you will find the same set of posters in a “save my ink” version with writing pages for the children, as well.


For pretend play and imagination, there is another set of posters for wishing it might be possible to play with an alien . . . a wizard . . . a unicorn, and more!

Free:  I wish I could play with a  . . .  pretend poster set for photo ops!