Verbs Free Printable

To Root to Toot to Parachute: What is a Verb?

Categorical Book Series

by Brian P. Cleary, illustrated by Jenya Prosmitsky

Previously, I have written about noun books.  Today’s book is in the Categorical Book Series by Brian P. Cleary, and it is a humorous rhyming book about verbs.  The first sentence says, “Whether you scale a wall or a fish, make a design on a cup or a dish, take out the garbage, or sharpen your knife–Verbs are a part of your everyday life!”  All the verbs in this book are in color so they are easily pointed out to children.  Have and has are both included, too.  All of the books by Brian P. Cleary (and there are many) help educate and entertain children.  I do have to say that after you read the title aloud, some children will laugh, so the multiple meanings of “toot” may have to be discussed!

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