Tech Help Questions for Members

There is a tech helpdesk where tickets may be opened for free eMembers and Premium eMembers at this link.

Can’t find your downloads?  Please check your computer’s downloads folder to find any resources you found on the site. If you downloaded a zipped folder and do not know how to extract files, please check this information about obtaining the files for your PC or Mac.

Zipped folders will not download on a mobile device. You need to be at a computer.

Emails will NOT be shared with any lists except the Wise Owl Factory newsletter which is sent once or twice a month.
I hope this works smoothly for you!  Thanks so much, Carolyn

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How to Download the Wise Owl Factory Owl Theme Classroom Zipped Folder

How to Use Google Slides and Jams from this Site A Gmail account is required to use Google Slides and Jams. Other email accounts won’t work. Make a copy for your own Google Drive.