This Sudoku and graphing President’s Day activities PDF is a 31 page printable for Pre-K through grade 1. It is found on our premium eMembers social studies page. The pages are in both color and black and white for printing options. There is also a complete guide to how to complete Sudoku puzzles with more than enough information for these easy level of activities. The printables may be used in the math center as they involve graphing and problem solving. 

Sudoku and Graphing President's Day Activities

These activities do not include lessons about President’s Day but are activities for the theme. Coins and clip art have been selected to emphasize a few of our nation’s presidents. While the children’s minds are on President’s Day, it is a good time to capture their imaginations and engage theme in further learning.

The color printing option could just be copied one per page, and students could use a plastic sleeve to cover the page allowing them to use a dry erase marker. That way, the pages could be reused and less color ink and paper would be required. The black and white pages may be duplicated and given to students for recording their own work.

Sudoku For President’s Day

This is what Sudoku Card #2 looks like in color.  The black and white printing option will save ink. The pieces do have to be cut out which takes some time, but this is fairly easy to prepare. Once prepared these will last a long time if laminated. For home use lamination might not be necessary.President's Day sample-sukoku-problem-for-presidents-day

Graphing For President’s Day

The paper cubes and graphing pages in color are for activity based learning.


The count and color graphing pages are in black and white for use as student work pages.


The black and white graphing page could be used for students to roll and record their own graphs. The paper cube could be printed either in color or  black and white.


There are work pages with matching recording pages with specific answers, as opposed to rolling the dice where answers will vary. Sometimes “answers will vary” can be annoying, or time for such activities is limited.


Answer keys are provided. Some may be used for student self-correction, or as a teacher tool.


Thank you for reading,

Carolyn Wilhelm