Writing Prompts with a space theme, word wall, and rubric are available for our free eMembers. This printable includes writing prompts and writing frames to help students develop stories. For those who are not free eMembers, the sign up is at this link. Select free to make the payment options disappear. This printable is 18 pages in length. The free eMember area has several pages of educational resources to download. Several of the pages are editable. Typing may be entered in the blue rectangles. If nothing is typed, nothing shows up (the blue areas will not print at all), so the pages do not have to be edited or personalize.
Space Theme Writing Prompts, Word Wall, and Rubric

Word walls help inspire writing and also dictionary use for learning new vocabulary. There are two pages of words in this PDF.


Teachers may select which pages of the printable are wanted for their classes. There are a few writing prompt pages, and other pages for independent writers to create their own characters and events.


This is one of the two covers for writing projects included in the PDF.


Writing Prompts

Some writing prompts are provided to help students think of stories. For some students who are more independent, there are open-ended writing frames that allow for more freedom. There is a nonfiction and a fiction writing frame for the planning of stories which could then be written on other paper.

Some students may wish to writing nonfiction, so a writing frame page for big ideas and supporting facts is included.


There is a fiction writing frame somebody-wanted-but-then open-ended writing page, also.


The rubric will work for the different approaches to writing that the students may use.


For the pages with color images (very few) just print in grayscale if color printing is not available. Usually coloring printing is rarely available for student projects. A final revision might be written on a color printout page, perhaps.


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