Space Theme Opposite Words Free PDF

This post has a free space theme opposites printable set of cards.  The delightful children’s book, The Way Back Home by Oliver Jeffers, could be used along with the printable.

photo, coverThis space adventure fantasy makes for a fun read near Halloween as the characters are out on a dark night and one is an Martian.  Although the pictures are highly imaginative, the story makes perfect sense and is logical, but probably only to children.

Two children from two different planets are cast-away on the moon? A child from earth flies his toy plane and it becomes real. He is then stuck on the moon as the plane is running out of fuel. A Martian lands on the moon with engine trouble.  The two boys realize they are both lost, and make plans to solve each other’s problems.  The earth boy parachutes back to earth to get some tools to help the alien.  However, at one point the earth boy begins to watch a television program, but remembers in time that he needs a wrench and rubber bands for the Martian on the moon.  The alien is supposed to lower a rope to hoist him back up to the moon, so the boy calls from earth with no reply.  The earth boy climbs up higher and calls again, and this time the alien lowers a rope which gets helps him back to the moon.  The boy from earth fixes the alien’s spaceship, the alien puts fuel in the earth boy’s plane, and they both are able to get home again.

There are some thinking questions that could be asked of the children who listen to this story.  a)  Would a plane really fly to the moon?  Why or why not? b) Would a rope reach to the moon?  c)  If you were the earth boy and got home, would you have gone back to the moon to help the alien? d)  Do you think there are people on Mars?  e) Why is this story an example of cooperation?  f) What do you think was delivered to the earth boy on the last page, who sent it, and how is it used? g)  Do you think the two characters ever see each other ever again, and why?  h) What do you think the Martian boy’s home is like?  *Note:  There may be creative answers for this imaginary story, but it would be fun to hear the children’s ideas!

Space Theme Opposite Words Free PDF

*Note:  My free-opposites-cards-and-work-page printable does not require the book for use, but because it has a space theme, it would be fun to have on hand!

Thank you for reading, Carolyn