Skip counting puzzles seem easy for children as really they only need to look at the picture to figure them out. However, they will notice the counting and remember they already know how to skip count by 2s, 5s, and 10s or even other numbers. I know people use puzzles like this so I thought I’d add the multiplication facts as part of the puzzles. Notice on this picture how skip counting by 5s is actually the 5 times.


First, if children are not very familiar with multiplication, provide the 2s, 5s, and 10s puzzles as they will tend to consider the numbers as well as the photos. As they become more familiar with multiplication, other puzzles could be provided. The 7 times and 8 times are the most difficult, it seems. There are tricks for many of the facts such as 8 x 8 fell on the floor and came back as 64. Perhaps the puzzles would be of some help.


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Skip-Counting-and-Multiplication-Facts-Robot-Puzzles PDF

Facts do have to be memorized, but until the time children are able to memorize, flashcards, activities, and games like YAHTZEE can be beneficial to provide a foundation. It could be pointed out that when children count nickels by 5s, that is actually 5 times. Many times in a day we may use multiplication without realizing if we are not thinking. Real-world and authentic uses of math should be mentioned to children to help them become aware math is actually useful.

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