Shanghai Free Power Point and Google Slides

Shanghai? Recently Gnorman traveled to Shanghai for business and was kind enough to take selfies and photos for me. Actually, my daughter was so kind as to take him with her and snap a few photos. Gnorman the Gnome is from Safari Ltd. and has previously been featured with world landmarks at this post. He enjoyed his flight and had plenty of room to stretch out. He was able to take a few photos of Shanghai’s famous locations. He is kindly allowing me to use them in a free PowerPoint Shanghai (and China) A to Z. To include every letter in the entire alphabet, it was necessary to include a few photos of other famous places in China. A version of this presentation is also available in Google Slides.  Google Slides are free and online only. At the link it will ask if you want to make a copy of the slideshow, and say yes to get a copy on your Google Drive.

Gnorman traveled to Shanghai for business

The Pearl Tower,Shanghai-free-Power-Point-A-to-Z-K-3 The Shanghai World Financial Center, lovely gardens, unusual architecture, temples, and more are all included in the presentation. He saw a huge outdoor incense burner and also experienced the preparations for the Lunar New Year while visiting.


This was the year of the monkey and memorabilia was available everywhere. It was luck for Gnorman as he was born in the Year of the Monkey. Of course he was! This is a non-affiliate link for Gnorman’s product page. He might like to go on vacation with your family!

Mike Wazowski the prize in the Lunar New Year lunch in Shangahi, ChinaMike Wazowski was the prize in a Lunar New Year lunch. A familiar face from home, so to speak. Gnorman was glad to see him. After catching up, the sightseeing continued as there was so much to see and do. The shopping was excellent, and the tailors were able to make clothing in just his size.

Around Shanghai there were many interesting and novel sights, sounds, and smells. As the Huangpu River separates the the city from east and west, a boat tour was in order. The Ferry ride was especially wonderful because he did not fall in the water. Whew!Ferry-across-the-Huangpu-River-in-Shanghai

In the evening, the local mall and skyscrapers were beautifully lighted.  It was all lovely. The correct pronunciation of Shanghai sounds more like shong-hi. That was important to know!Shanghai-in-the-evening-2016

The view from the skyscrapers was amazing, although a little terrifying for someone of his height.  view from Shanghai skyscraper

He came home with a new friend, an owl made of jade. He likes being taller than the owl.


 Free Power Point and Google Slides

Learn more about other famous locations in and around Shanghai in our free Power Point presentation at this link. A version of this presentation is also available in Google Slides.

Thank you for reading, Gnorman and Carolyn

Shanghai Free Power Point and Google Slides

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