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Snow Globes from Dollar Bin How To and Free Coloring Page

2022-04-03T10:22:36-05:00Post|Categories: Coloring Page, For Parents, Free, Pre-K thru Grade 2|Tags: , , , |

Snow globes are fascinating to children and many adults, and recently Miss Owl's mother found kits in the dollar bin (well, $3 bin). So Miss Owl and Miss Frog went to work to create their projects. Instructions were included, and so step-by-step information helped them as they worked. Included in this post is a

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Welcome to the Wise Owl Factory


The Wise Owl Factory Blog Hello, and welcome. Thank you for visiting! LINKS AND SHORTCUTS Teachers Freebies Teachers, we have free resources for Pre-K, elementary, and some secondary instant downloads. There is also a free eMembers area, and a premium area. Parents Parent

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