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This post is about children’s schools around the world and books. I recently saw online pictures of children in schools around the world and wanted to share the page. The pictures are large and clear, and the students are facing the photographer. The page would make for a good classroom discussion about what it might be like to attend school in another country. This topic is so interesting to me and I tend to notice posts about this subject. I read the blog by Mama Smiles, for instance, and she has a post about schools in France. She had a global education as she grew up. My own children attended Bam Bam preschool in Best, the Netherlands long ago which was a wonderful experience for them. A blogging friend, Crystal who writes the Castle View Academy blog, lived in Japan and has many posts about her time there. Click on the next link for my free printable writing prompt to accompany this post.

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Schools Around the World Children's Books

InCulture Parent has a list of seven recommended books about going back to school at this link. Seven wonderful books are described at the post.

Scholastic Parents page has a blog post with book recommendations for children showing schools around the world.

Kindergarten Day China and USA is a flip over book that becomes: Kindergarten Day USA and China. My blog post with a printable schedule to show the day and night time differences is at this link.

Thinking along these lines I remembered a book co-authored by Greg Mortenson. Have you heard of the Pennies for Peace program? Perhaps children you know have collected pennies for this program. Did you know it all started with book? Three Cups of Tea: One Man’s Mission to Promote Peace … One School at a Time is a book by Mortenson and Relin. It was published by Penguin in 2007. This book remained on the New York Times nonfiction bestseller’s list for four years.

When I was teaching first grade, my students loved the book Listen to the Wind: The Story of Dr. Greg & The Three Cups of Tea. This was one book that they would listen to over and over as it was so inspiring and interesting to them. It tells the story of Greg Mortenson’s work to build schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan. It is illustrated by Susan Roth with collage of fiber and paper as the Balti people appreciate every useable scrap. Photos of the actual people including Mortenson are included. Children so enjoy learning about how other children around the world live and learn. Stories like this help inspire students to collect Pennies for Peace, as well as appreciate their many educational advantages.

Listen to the Wind: The Story of Dr. Greg & The Three Cups of TeaThere are three books: Three Cups of Tea: One Man’s Journey to Promote Peace, One School at A Time, Listen to the Wind: The Story of Dr. Greg & The Three Cups of Tea, and the young adult version of Three Cups of Tea. All the books describe Mortenson’s commitment to reducing poverty and elevating education for girls in Pakistan and Afghanistan. I recommend the books as excellent stories. He co-founded the Central Asia Institute (CAI), a non-profit group to help provide educational opportunities to the remote regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

I also recently watched a video about Greg Mortenson, the CAI, and information surrounding the book and organization: 3000 Cups of Tea.

The most important thing Greg Mortenson did was actually build schools and increase the number of girls educated. He is dedicated to education. This is what we must remember.

Multicultural Kids Blog recently had a wonderful post about schools around the world for children. At the post link, there are about a dozen links to other blog posts with information about schools in different countries.


It is easy to do a search for books about children’s schools around the world. I found several on sites that sell books. I’m sure your local library will have some titles, also.

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