This paper button tree printable activity Pre-K and K is easy to print as it is only two pages, and requires buttons to add to the decorating. Matching shapes will take a little time for the children while parents and teachers get a short breather! I’m working on this post as “Santa” is assembling toys here and he thinks he might finish by next Christmas. Who knew toys could be so complicated? Most Santas work at night but since we are grandparents, we have more time to prepare (and need it).


I have a set of shape and color buttons from Amazon a while ago. I see them on many activities on places like Pinterest, so this kind of set would work. The cups would not be required as this is a not a color sorting activity. This activity focuses on shapes.


And the printable is short today. It has two pages.

Christmas-button-shapes-and-colors-activities free-printable_Page_3

Christmas-button-shapes-and-colors-activities free-printable_Page_2

Time is running short with all the preparations at our house.

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Happy vacation to everyone, Carolyn