This post has an outside the house Olympic events activity printable PDF.  There are options and ideas for setting up a simple set of exercise activities at home to help keep the children busy this summer. Capitalize on the Olympic fever and actively engage the children to also exercise and be fit. These activities are similar to the playground events I wrote about previously. However, this idea has more pages and resources. 


See more Olympic theme freebies on this page.

The printable offers 16 different options. Select 10 for your own house events. Select ones that are possible at your house for the children to try. One option is to have children walk a path you select eight times, for instance. The idea is to complete 10 events, earn 100 points, and color in a gold medal. Printable medals are included, also.

outside-the-house-olympics-for-children free printable, opens here

Outside the House Olympic Events Activity Free PDF

Because I wanted this to work at a variety of homes, some decisions will be up to you. 

Directions for the at outside at home Olympic events:

  • Look over the possible 16 cards to print.
  • Select 10 cards wanted that fit your situation.
  • If there are not ten things to total 100 points, have children repeat some of the activities.
  • Possible events use:

jump rope

ball to bounce


ladder (optional for able and supervised children)

hula hoop

chalk to draw a hopscotch (just to hop, no game)

wheelbarrow (optional)

wagon (optional)




  • Decide on rules such as:

–if activities must be finished within a certain time

–if an additional ten points may be given for assisting someone

–if activities may be finished within one or two days or sessions

–whether or not a second round time must be improved for gold

–if events will be timed

–if events close for meals, visitors, or naptime

–if children get a printed 10 points card to be added to a cup or pail and count at the end, or keep track by paper

–where each event will be started at your home or play area

–if an activity may be repeated within a 100 point set or not

There is an optional recording page. Alternatively, children may be handed a 10 point card per event to save in a cup or pail during the events. The points would be added at the end of the activities.


I hope you find this useful and that it keeps the children busy!
Thank you for reading, Carolyn

Outside the House Olympic Events Activity