50-Olympic-themed-activities-for-kids-summer-2016This post is a part of the Olympics series by an awesome group of kid bloggers. Check out the landing page for links to all of the posts. There are so many ideas to try.

Jackie of Edventures with Kids has kindly listed all the blog posts with links to easily find all the free printables, STEAM activities, crafts, geography, and outdoor play. I hope you find many wonderful ideas at her post. Also, see my house Olympic event ideas at this blog post for even more ideas.

Olympic Vocabulary at Home and Playground Activity

Here is a free at-home and/or playground activity to get the children moving after being inspired by the Olympics. Each activity is worth 10 points and there is a possible 100 point total. 100 points are gold! Hopefully, your playground will have the same equipment but just substitute for something different if needed.  Maybe this could be either done more than once, at multiple parks, or on several different days.

These pages are at the end of this free printable, downloads here: outside-the-house-olympics-for-children Olympics-at-home-and-the-playground Olympic Vocabulary at Home and Playground Activity

Previously, I have posted for both the summer and winter Olympic events and have a page dedicated to these posts with free printables. You might also like that page.

Thank you for reading. Carolyn

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