Ocean theme crafts and pretend play, anyone? This is a DIY arts and crafts idea that may be made at home using wooden spoons, permanent markers, wiggle eyes, and paints. So much fun! Be sure to scroll down for the free coloring page printable. wooden-spoon-craft-idea-puppets-pretend-play-activity

The video has some step by step information as well as a little play scene.

We have a number of wooden trays for learning activities and found the side handles double as a way to make them function as “puppet theaters.” The spoon handles can be inserted part way and therefore may be wiggled and pulled back and forth. The whale is too big to fit as that was a larger spoon. Adding some seashells, blue paper to represent water, and some plastic seaweed helped make the play scene realistic.

Ocean Theme Wooden Spoon Craft and Pretend Play

We learned (the hard way) that it was best to initially give the wooden utensils a coat of white paint. This helped the permanent marker and the other colors of paint show up better. paint-wooden-spoon-puppets-for-ocean-theme-play-scene (3)

Then, draw first with pencil and then with a permanent marker prior to painting.

paint-wooden-spoon-puppets-for-ocean-theme-play-scene (5)

Next, paint colors may be added. Apply fix up as needed, and let dry in between the application of different colors.

paint-wooden-spoon-puppets-for-ocean-theme-play-scene (8)

Finally, set up the “puppet theater” and let the children use their imaginations to play.


The free ocean creatures coloring pages are a free instant download at the next link. Click to download your copy.



Thank you for reading, Carolyn

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