This post was inspired by Safari Ltd. who kindly sent us some beautiful clown anemone fish for our learning activities. It is post #1. See post #2 here. Do they remind you of any of the summer movies? Gnorman the Gnome found someone who needed help and then called on his favorite fish who are good at finding things in deep ocean water. These were so fun and we could practice our ABC matching a picture, lower case letter, upper case letter, and also a word. Your free copy of my printable to download is here:


Ocean Creatures Matching Pictures, Letters, and Words Free PDF

If you would like to also get the clown anemonefish realistic toy, this is the link. I am not an affiliate, by the way. They have other sets with these fish as well, such as the Toobs version. Your children will immediately recognize several of the sea creatures! 

Ocean Creatures Matching Pictures, Letters, and Words


We have another activity planned with these wonderful fish! It is so nice that learning can be reinforced with the realistic toys manufactured by Safari Ltd.

Ways To Use This Printable

Here is one way to use the matching cards. The cards may be used as in the games go fish. Two cards or four may be matched as sets. For emergent readers, two cards (the picture and one letter card) may be used. Children might also match lower and upper case letters, as well. The cards are flexible.  Here pictures and initial sounds are matched with lower case letters. A few cards could be provided at a time for emergent readers to sort and match, perhaps with miniature toys as well.

sea creatures picture and lower case letter matching -- free printable

Here, pictures and words were matched for more independent readers.

picture and word matching cards

Here is another way your children will probably think of themselves. Allow them to rearrange the cards this way as there is meaning in learning that they can experience in several ways such as visiting zoos, movies, and printables. Do you see the pattern? This time upper case letters are required as names are proper nouns.

proper names require initial letters to be upper case

I hope you will enjoy this printable.

Here is a post by Castle View Academy about ocean books for children that you might also enjoy. The books would further the learning at your house, too.


You might also like additional printables to use with Safari Ltd. figurines.


Thank you for reading, CarolynGnorman the Gnome gets help for a lost fish


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