read the roomNo Prep Graphing and Read the Room Centers Through the Year is included in the Premium eMember area. It is a print and go pack for grades 1 and 2, and has nine different themes which will take care of nine weeks of math graphing centers and read the room.  It is 210 pages, and all the art is by Gramma Elliott’s Clip Art. This pack is not based on holidays. The different themes include:  back to school, school supplies, fall, cold weather, clothing, animals, hearts, insects, and warm weather graphing.  Each section of this pack includes read the room activities for a week, also.  There is a suggested 5 day plan.  Of course, teachers are welcome to use the materials as best fits their classes. 

No Prep Graphing and Read the Room Centers

At this post on Castle View Academy, you can see this printable in use and learn how one homeschool mother used this printable to correspond with a biodiversity summer school in her local area. There are photos of the product in use at her lovely blog post, as well.  She had her children “read the fence” instead of read the room to include the outdoors.

No Prep Graphing and Read the Room Centers Through the Year

Each section includes: a counting page to graph in color, the answer key, a student graphing page for objects or dry erase marker in color, a paper cube or spinner for independent graphing, a black and white counting to graph page, the answer key, a student recording page for several of the activities, a black and white spinner or cube, and read and write the room print and go pages. Below is an example of the pages in one section. demo-graphing-info-photo-1Table of Contents

Pages 4-12 Back to school graphing
Page15 Range, mode, and median posters
Page 18 School supplies graphing
Page 29 Fall graphing
Page 40 Cold weather graphing
Page 51 Five day plan and options
(materials may be used differently)
Page 66 Graphing clothing
Page 78 Animal graphing
Page 90 Heart graphing
Page 102 Buggy graphing (insects)
Page 113 Warm weather graphing
Page 124 Word wall words and read the room pages
Page 125 Back to school pages
Page 134 School supply pages
Page 143 Fall pages
Page 152 Cold weather pages
Page 161 Clothing pages
Page 171 Animal pages
Page 181 Heart pages
Page 191 Insect pages
Page 201 Warm weather pages
Each graphing section has:
1. Color count page
2. Answer key graph for the color counting page
3. Color graph with objects or dry erase marker/plastic sleeve
4. Color paper cube or spinner
5. Black and white counting page
6. Answer key for the black and white counting page
7. Student recording page for either color or black and white
8. Black and white paper cube or spinner
9. Student graphing work page
10. Student graphing work page answer key
11. Word wall pages and read the room work pages

Differentiation Options Included

For first grade classrooms, the first section could be used as a large group activity for the children to learn the routine. The rest of the sections could be used on a monthly basis to span the school year. This pack would provide all the math center graphing and read the room activities for one week per month.

For second grade classrooms, these activities would be used at a faster pace and most could be used in the fall. Students could work more independently. The differentiation options would be helpful. This pack would supplement other centers and activities of the graph

*Note: The winter and spring sections were named “cold weather” and “warm weather” to also apply to classrooms in the southern hemisphere. Fall is the only section that will not apply to the southern hemisphere.


Positive Mindset

Of course, I also have a new freebie for a positive mind set for the new school year.

free growth and fixed mindset letter size posters for teacher use for the start of the school year

The product was made with art from Gramma Elliott’s Clip Art.

Thank you for reading,

Carolyn Wilhelm


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