Nesting Boxes Paper Folding for Presidents' Day Free PDFThis post has nesting boxes paper folding for Presidents’ Day. It is a a printable with six different sized boxes so that they fit together and appear as a single box. Children are surprised when they keep finding another and another box as they try to open it. They will find the penny in the last box delightful.

The PDF is in the free eMember area on this page. It is also in the premium eMember area on this page. See the video before for more information. The video and PDF are also on Teachers Pay Teachers at this link

Inside the last box place a penny for children to find after opening all the boxes.


Here is a view of the boxes from the top. You can see this has a President’s Day theme that might also work for the 4th of July.

Nesting Boxes Paper Folding for Presidents' Day Free PDF

The boxes may also be stacked.


How To Stack The Nesting Boxes

A YouTube video shows stacking from smallest to largest. Assemble the boxes before giving them to the children. Older children may want to learn how to fold the boxes themselves to give to others. See how to fold the boxes by reading the instructions included in the PDF.

Hint! Do not stack boxes as below. Each box is flipped over as it fits in the next larger size. The penny would fall out using this arrangement.


Thank you for reading, Carolyn

free PDF nesting-boxes-paper-folding-activity-for-Presidents-day