Many elementary schools are using Montessori Methods and finding success with diverse populations. Montessori methods are even being used in nursing homes with wonderful results.  I have been taking online classes about this method from Fairy Dust Teaching, The Montessori Crash Course, and KHT Montessori. I know people who teach in elementary schools using this method.

Face Parts and Feelings Teaching Cards with Real Photos

emotions Face-Parts-and-Feelings-Teaching-Cards-with-Real-Photos
This printable PDF has real photos of parts of the face and different feelings that children should learn to recognize. When is someone sad? When is someone surprised? Of course, these cards would work with social skills lessons so students can learn how to behave or what to say, and whether or not help might be needed.

The cards are with and without words for differentiation and matching. They may be added to a word wall or bulletin board. Please see the preview for more information.

Parts of Face:

  • cheeks
  • chin
  • ear
  • eye
  • eyebrows
  • eyelash
  • face
  • forehead
  • hair
  • head
  • mouth
  • neck
  • nose
  • profile
  • teeth


  • daydreaming
  • crying
  • excited
  • friendly
  • happy
  • joyful
  • lonely
  • mad
  • pleased
  • sad
  • serious
  • sick
  • surprised
  • thinking
  • tired
  • unsure
  • wondering

They may be used counseling programs as well as in any teaching situation. They are Montessori inspired category cards, also.

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