Even on Mother’s Day, Mom Webs is helpful, and even upgrades the disk space for all sites.They also provided tech help on the very same day! My husband and I both have websites hosted by Mom Webs and they have excellent service. I can tell you I did not always find much help from my previous hosts. We each received this email on Mother’s Day.

“As is our fantastic tradition, we celebrate Mom’s Day by increasing
the value of our already amazing shared hosting accounts.

The new disk space limits are now…

Mini Plan: 10,000 MB -> 10 GB (10,240 MB)
Multi Plan:15,000 MB -> 20 GB (20,480 MB)
Mega Plan: 40,000 MB -> 50 GB (51,200 MB)

You don’t have to do a thing, the changes are being made for you.”

I have been with Mom Webs for three years. ? What may not be apparent is that behind the scenes many technological updates and changes have been made, all for the better.  The best-hidden resource I now have is to have Mom Webs as my host. They are terrific at support and information and are by far the best host I have ever had. I do have several I cannot recommend. I am still surprised when they help me with something I think would be a huge issue, and they solve it simply. They are very fast and honest, which I appreciate.

Although it may not have appeared so, the site has been like a duck appearing to sail smoothly above water while paddling like crazy under the water. I have had many times where I wanted to stop, quit, give up, and not deal with all the technology.  I have actually felt like stopping for about two years.  I have hired companies that did not deliver as promised and lost quite a bit of money.  To dig out from all these issues, I finally attended a Blogging Concentrated event in Minneapolis with my questions in mind.

Mom Webs Hosts Wise Owl Factory

I think I almost cried about the problems to Dan Morris (president and an international speaker for BC Prime). Dan did some consulting for me and one company he recommended was Mom Webs. I immediately signed up and began the process of having a new web host. Dan’s other insightful suggestions have been implemented as well and helped me continue blogging. Without Dan and Mom Webs this blog would be long gone.

I am now an affiliate for Mom Webs and can highly recommend this company. If you have followed my blog for very long, you also know I have had limited advertising and have really hesitated to recommend companies.

Other Recent Technology Improvements

I also have a new site design, Surfer Kids. This change was necessary after finding many errors from my former designers.  Surfer Kids is only a joy to work with after my many online struggles. This was part of the above the water smooth sailing! (not an affiliate) The owner, Pieter Els, also illustrates my newer children’s books.

Behind the scenes, I have been working long and hard to bring you educational content for years. With these recent changes, I hope to be able to spend more time making and creating resources and not worrying about and updating the technical aspects of this blog continuously.

Thank you for reading, Carolyn

*Note: When bloggers are affiliates, the products recommended cost the same amount for buyers. There is not an increased cost.