counting-with-recycled-calendars-DIY-projectThis post has math activities with recycled calendars for Pre-K through grade 2. It includes counting puzzles 1 through 100, and for 1-35. DIY ideas can be created using recycled calendars. There are also printable pages to just print, cut, and use in a math center. We recently found several old calendars and I thought they could be reused instead of just placed in the recycle bin. The PDF is an instant download, no password required. counting-puzzles-free

Included in the free PDF is a 100 chart to be cut apart and taped on the ends of cut apart calendars. There is also a puzzle for 1-35 with larger numbers for emergent mathematicians. Print only the pages needed for your classroom at school or home.


We began with a calendar with pictures of the seasons through our year in North America. This could be adjusted for the seasons where you live. I know and am jealous not everyone has a long winter like we do in Minnesota. Just use the 100 chart and pictures you have to make your own DIY puzzle project. I did not laminate the pictures as they already were on stiff paper, but I did tape the numbers on the bottom of each puzzle strip. DYI-calendar-counting-puzzles-activities

Some of the children are ready for counting to 30, so we thought of the Thirty Days Hath September poem and added some Montessori counting beads. A fairy garden calendar helped engage this child with counting to 30 or 31. Base ten blocks could also be used. February requires different counting, and pictures of those beads are included.


Thirty Days hath September 

Thirty days hath September,
April, June and November;
February has twenty eight alone
All the rest have thirty-one
Except in Leap Year, that’s the time
When February’s Days are twenty-nine

If counting beads are not your thing, a simple puzzle can be made to count to 30 or 35. Fewer numbers and pictures can be used for the very young. DYI-calendar-counting-puzzles-activities (1)

Thank you for reading! I hope some people can reuse old calendars and make some puzzles. Carolyn