Lost Tooth Classroom Display Printable Free PDF

This post has a free lost tooth classroom display printable. While no book is necessary to use it, the book April and Esme: Tooth Fairies by Bob Graham would be a fun read before posting the first lost tooth!

photoThis is a story about some very young tooth fairies just starting out in their first adventure collecting teeth.  In fact, when the cell phone call comes in from Grandma requesting the little girls specifically collect the lost tooth, they promise and so they have to talk mom and dad tooth fairy into letting them go.  The parents do the everyday things parents do such as laundry and blow drying their hair.  The book is so matter-of-fact with no-nonsense illustrations, except the family all have wings in each drawing.  The girls don’t even think of themselves as being magic.  They do fly together to collect Daniel Dangerfield’s tooth.  Why is his tooth in a glass of water?  He lives with Grandma, and that is what she does with her teeth!  But the littlest tooth fairies know not to collect Grandma’s teeth from her water glass. They only text mom after Daniel wakes up to get advice on how to handle the situation.  Of course, they fly home and all is well by the end of the story.  This is a modern twist on the tooth fairy story that children will so enjoy.

Questions to ask children include:

Why did April and Esme have to fly to Daniel’s to collect the lost tooth? Why was it so difficult for the young fairies to fly at a younger age than the mother fairy? How had things changed? Why was is so difficult for the April to dive in the glass of water?  Why did they have to text their mother?  Why is Daniel Dangerfield’s name important or funny in the story?  How did the wind make the flight more difficult? How did they find David’s room? Why didn’t they take Grandma’s teeth? Where did the fairies keep the teeth in their house?  Why did their house say EST. 1691?  Why did the fairies sleep in the day?  Why did David think he had great dreams? 

free tooth display PDF for classrooms

Free Lost Tooth Classroom Display Printable

Today, Tonya Dirksen has written a new tooth fairy song available on her blog, Strings, Keys and Melodies.  The words are also included in this free PowerPoint:


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