Jokes for fun supported emergent reading can help reluctant readers through initial reading hesitancy. To engage some emergent readers, approximation reading experiences are helpful and humor is always a welcome read. Yes, the children may know these jokes and the pictures are very helpful in figuring out what the text is saying, but that is good along the road to more independent reading. When children say “susgetti” we are thrilled, but when they read less than perfect we are horrified! Why? All learning is an approximation that moves the learner closer and closer to the educational goals of independence and mastery. It isn’t cute when children misread but as they learn to self-correct they are on their way to advanced reading skills. This printable helps children self-correct as the jokes are well known and help a child figure out the sounds and words.


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The first joke we all know, “Why did the chicken cross the road?”


We all know, it was to get to the other side!


Then, thinking logically, why did the boy cross the playground? To get to the other slide, of course. The children will begin to see the “s” sound has been changed to “sl” to form another word for them to add to their reading vocabulary lists.


What did the big balloon say to the little balloon?


Why, my pop is bigger than yours! Hilarious fun, even if only the word “pop” is read and the other words are just spoken.


For some additional sound work, the snare drum sound after the jokes could be used to notice letters with “stretchy snake” to make the funny noise.


Have fun reading! Carolyn

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