This post has a free printable for initial blends and/or shapes snowman building activity. Seasonal inspired learning centers help children engage and practice needed skills. These activities may be made with card-stock circles, or lids of various sizes.  There are options for differentiation. The recording page may be used with advanced readers.  Somehow I can’t get winter out of my head! This printable opens right here.

Initial Blends and Shapes Snowman Building Game Freebie

Children love to build snow people and also love to make faces! The selection of faces and the colors of the pieces will help engage children in this building activity, while helping to reinforce math and literacy skills.

Initial Blends and Shapes Snowman Building Game

Initial blends in words may be spoken or read by the child. Listening to initial sounds is an important component of being able to read them with automaticity. Shapes may be used in a different game and again, the colorful picture or the words may be used for either recognition or actual reading.

This game has levels for use with emergent or advanced readers.  Differentiation is important for flexible use.  The games may be presented to a reader with pictures, and later played with the words.

I used a punch to cut out the pictures which is fast an efficient.  Although I pasted the pictures and words on milk caps, they would also work if printed on cardstock.

Thank you for reading,

Carolyn Wilhelm