How to Download Files from Wise Owl Factory for:

–instant public downloads

–free eMembers

–Amembers priced area



Free Instant Downloads

Most of the files on the Wise Owl Factory site are free instant downloads. They are publicly available. When the hyperlink for the PDF is clicked, it opens and can be viewed online before downloading.

Free eMember Downloads

Downloading free eMember Files

One you have joined our site, a dashboard and dozens of files are then available. On the free pages from either the dashboard or upper right corner of most of the pages, click on a blue link or picture for the file you want. This example shows the editable rubric PDF file.


After clicking on the blue link or picture, the file name appears (not the PDF), so you may select where you would like it downloaded.


Priced Amember Downloads

Priced Amember Downloads

The priced Amember area  worksthe same as the free eMember download area.

There are more files from which to choose for Amembers. Click on the blue link or picture to download the file (which will not open online). Then, select where you want to save the file on your computer.

Owl Theme Classroom zip folder how to download information

How to Download the Free Owl Theme Class Zip Folder

The free owl them class printables are in a zipped folder. If you need help with this particular download, please check this blog post.