Harry and the Hot Lava Free Printable

Harry and the Hot Lava is a brand new children’s book by Chris Robertson. In this story of danger and “liquidy-melty” lava, a little boy is not able to escape it ANYWHERE.  The entire story takes place inside a house which adds drama as it seems he cannot escape.  The surprise ending is simply that the dangerous lava flow was all in his imagination. In this story, Mr. Robertson has captured the imagination of children perfectly.

Chris Robertson is an author and illustrator of Children’s Picture Books. Chris’s other books include “My Yellow Umbrella“, “I’ll Trade My Peanut-Butter Sandwich“, “Little Miss Liberty“, “Kit and Kaboodle“, and “The Tooth That’s on the Loose!” Chris has a humorous writing style because he was inspired as a child by books such as “Curious George“, “Madeline”, and “Harry the Dirty Dog.”  Children find the stories engaging. 

Harry and the Hot Lava

Harry and the Hot Lava is a good story for pointing out verbs, adjectives, and prepositional phrases.  I decided to make my free printable about verbs and adjectives, so pocket chart cards for both are included.  I made a word find and a cut-and-paste sorting page, also.   I think the children could apprentice Mr. Robertson’s story and write similar stories themselves. Children have “writerly lives,” also, and could grow up to write books like Mr. Robertson. I’m sure he would be pleased if that happened!


The book is available for pre-order now.  In the meantime, you can have some fun in the kitchen with a free “volcano” science activity. This is just a fun activity children enjoy.volcano fun the kitchen for children to think like a scientist

More Chris Robertson Printables

I have previously written about another of Chris Robertson’s books, My Yellow Umbrella. I made a free simile printable for that book.

reebie-Harry-and-the-Hot-Lava-by-RobertsonNote:  I buy the books I review.  I was provided with an advance copy as this book will be released on July 15th.  I also purchased the book myself.

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