This post has a free Halloween bingo class or group game with bingo cards, cards for the caller, and makers in a PDF printable that is 26 pages. It also has links to other popular October freebies on this blog. The pictures in this game are children wearing Halloween costumes, candy, and non-scary decorations for this event. I have just updated this game somewhat so I am writing a blog post.


bingo-gentle-Halloween, free, opens on the free emember downloads page

A sample bingo board looks like this:

Gentle Halloween Bingo

The cards for the caller are 4 to a page as shown in the following picture.

Gentle Halloween bingo game draw cards

And there is a page of marker pieces for the children to use to cover the squares. They just mark the pictures and there are no letters or numbers to be concerned with, which is nice for young learners.


Other Great Games

There are other games and freebies for classrooms, homeschools, and scout groups on the October freebies page that you might like. This game is one in the collection of classroom bingo games in our free member area at this link. To get the password at this page, subscribe to our newsletter and be advised of the monthly password.

October freebies from Wise Owl Factory

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