This post continues with this summer’s ocean theme with a FREE Fry words levels 1a and 1b activity for emergent readers. It also has a play scene with the recent toys Safari Ltd. sent to us (clownfish and dolphin). It is so much fun to play with these items with ocean fever going on this summer! We wanted to sneak in a little more learning, also. Since we are working on Fry words 1a and 1b, it seemed like we needed to do a little more fishing.

First, a play scene helped set the stage for learning activities.

And here is the dolphin, too. Look at how she made it swim in pretend water!

Here is the free instant download:

ocean-theme-fry-words PDF

making the dolphin swim

Playing with real water is always engaging, also.


Fishing for Words or the Alphabet

On to the learning! I made a card printable with Fry words. Fry words are sight words that simply cannot be sounded out (especially over and over for automaticity and fluency). They have to be learned and memorized for automatic recall. The printable word cards used as a fishing game can help with the necessary practice. We printed the words, laminated them, and added metal clips. We used a magnet we had on hand but many variations of clips and magnets will work. The words were spread on a blue sheet all crumpled to look like water waves. Fishing for words can be done indoors when it is rainy outside. indoor-dry-fishing-for-words-activity-using-magnet-and-metal-clips

The printable includes levels 1a and 1b with our recent ongoing ocean theme. If two copies are printed, a memory game could be played. The words might be used on a word wall in a classroom. There are 3 empty cards for writing other sight words, too.

Ocean Theme Fry Words 1a and 1b Activity free printable for a sight words fishing center

We hope you have fun with these and that they help some emergent readers.

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