Winter sports are fun for children to write about, so this is a literacy printable with vocabulary and letter cards to match. They may also be used in the writing center. This is a free winter sports match 3, A to Z card set from A to Z. Some of the words children hear during the Winter Olympics are included.  Teachers and parents may opt to use the entire set, or choose from the available cards.  For most letters, there are two choices.  Options for flexible use are included in the directions. *More freebies are at this link to the Olympics page on this blog with summer and winter Olympic’s printables (all free).*

Free winter Olympic sports 3 part matching cards opens here


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The 2018 Winter Olympics took place in South Korea. Pyeongchang was the host city, becoming the second Asian city to do so. We were happy because my daughter was adopted from South Korea. It was very interesting for us to watch it together.

Winter Sports Fun Match 3, A to Z

Thanks for reading.  I hope you will enjoy these!

Carolyn Wilhelm

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